I’d love to be of assistance if you want. Please contact me. I can write new parts for any instrument you like and generally be of help.

Please feel free to do it any way you like – change it, develop it. If you want to do it similarly to how we did it there’s some material available below.

  1. Lyrics in approx 20 languages. Please feel free to change them to make them more ”sing-able” or poetic, they are literal translations from Swedish as they are written here.
  2. Scores for all the instruments we used.
  3. Guitar tutorial videos, one for each section.
  4. Tutorial video for the highly choreographed clapping and stomping in the flamenco section.
  5. A runthrough of the whole thing where I comment and explain what’s going on.
Partitur & Instruction videos

The four parts

The flashmob is in four parts with four very different emotional expressions:

  1. Main song – SURPRISE. The audience gradually learn that this will be more than just on guy singing in the street.
  2. Flamenco – We are PROUD to be human and we’re PROUD to be performing to you!
  3. Waltz – Fantasy ball at the castle! Everything is in technicolor pink and light blue and drenched in soap bubbles and it’s WONDERFUL TO BE ALIVE!
  4. Outro – We’re SERIOUS now. We will never ever back down. This is not a drill, it’s really happening. Then gradually, during the long outro accelerando, the expression transforms into euphoria – WE ARE FREE!

Be prepared to rehearse a lot but noone involved needs to be a professional at all. That goes for the musicians too, the parts have been kept very simple.The more we rehearsed the more we were able to move as one and to project the same emotional frequency simultaneously which made it more powerful and communicative. It took some time (approx 8 full rehersal days) and the process was most enjoyable.

Have fun!

Partitur & Instruction videos